You won’t appreciate this, but….

Today I want to tell you something

But I know you won’t listen to me

Those of you that have experienced it will understand

But those of you that haven’t

Well, you will dismiss my advice

Here it is..

If you’re already lean or maybe just out of college or uni and haven’t suffered weight gain yet

You should know..

It is much harder to get your old body back

Than it would have been to keep it

Trust me!

I know exactly what some of you are thinking

Because I’ve been there

A few years back, I was an amateur boxer

I was in great shape

But I worked hard for it

Between fights, as boxers do

I would gain some body fat

Until my last fight when I became

A boxer who was “having a break” from the sport

Yes I was “carrying a bit of timber”

But I’d “soon get that off once I started training again”

It was “only temporary”

“Just enjoy yourself for a bit Ian”


After 5 years of telling myself I was having a break from the sport

And still thinking of myself as a “ripped” boxer who was just temporarily out of shape

I finally realised

I was kidding myself

I was in fact, just like everybody else

I’d let myself slip

I wasn’t a boxer anymore

I wasn’t in between fights

It wasn’t temporary

I was out of shape

And I needed a slap across the face from reality

You may have experienced a similar thing

Or you may be in great shape and thinking that you’re different

“It won’t happen to me”

“Ive got a fast metabolism”

“Once I get myself sorted…”

“When I get back in the gym I’ll get this weight off easily”

Ive heard it all…

Ive said it all!

And its understandable

know you won’t listen to me

Because as humans, we take things for granted

No one takes their car to the garage until its broke

No one sees a doctor until they’re sick

And no one thinks of their lifestyle until they’ve gained weight

That old saying..

You don’t know what you’ve got ’till its gone


Im here to tell you this

If you are lean

Trust me

Its so much easier to look after yourself now

And maintain that physique

Than it is to lose it and try to get it back

Don’t make the same mistake that most people do

If you wait until its too late to start looking after yourself

You end up trying to undo years of damage

And its a tough fight

Take the easy route while you still can

Develop and maintain healthy lifestyle habits

And keep an eye on those negative habits that begin to creep in

Ian Archer
Bushido Fitness


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