Why You Don’t Really Want A Six Pack..



You might want a six pack now


Let me give you an insight into why it can be a complete disaster

This subject actually came from two separate conversations that I’ve had with members recently

One was a little disappointed not to have visible abs

And the other slightly disappointed at only maintaining her results

My response to both is the same

Everyone can always do better!

At least on paper

You can cut out any treats and eat only nutrient rich foods

You can calculate your macronutrient intake and control every single calorie you consume

You can cook and prepare all of your food for the week ahead

You can hit the gym every single morning before work

You can take any supplements that would help you achieve your goal….legal or otherwise


There are always things you can do on paper


The key is to find the balance between your results

And the impact it has on your life

If you can maintain your results without sacrificing any of your favourite foods

Is that really so bad?

If you can still enjoy treats, not be tied to the gym..

And be very lean but not quite have your abs showing

Is that a disaster?

To me its not

I’ve been very lean in the past

I’ve had visible abs and a very low low body fat percentage

And I’ve done it both by being strict

And by being patient and relaxed about it

But both ways are still very difficult to maintain

I’ve known people sacrifice so much

Get so lean

That they develop an eating disorder and gain upwards of 40lbs

They put their health at risk.

The thing for me now is..

Having visible abs is not more important than enjoying my life

Or being a dad

Things that definitely are affected when you start the extreme process of trying to hit very low levels of body fat

Those aren’t sacrifices I’m prepared to make

Now, don’t get me wrong

You can have visible abs and without having a negative impact on your life

Many of our members do just that

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If you’re not careful

And you don’t appreciate improvement over perfection

You can end up chasing a goal that takes you further and further into dangerous territory 

It’s easy for me to say since I’ve experienced the sacrifices in the past

But take it from me

If you can eat the foods you love

Enjoy alcohol

Train just 3 times a week

And still lose weight

Feel lean

And improve confidence…

Then you’re on to a winner!

Ian Archer
Bushido Fitness

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