Name Val

How did you feel about yourself prior to joining? What made you decide to join Bushido Fitness?

I felt disheartened, miserable and a bit of a failure before I joined. I had tried for a year or more to lose weight through different methods and couldn’t progress past losing half a stone. Each time I stalled I put the weight back on and the cycle started again. My sister had joined Bushido Fitness through a friends recommendation and I couldn’t believe her progress over a couple of months. She was so positive and really enjoying classes and totally committed. She encouraged me to try and gave me confidence in being able to believe I could do it.

Had you tried losing weight in the past? What was your experience and how did Bushido Fitness differ?

Over maybe 20 years I had been a yo yo dieter. I had lost weight with Weight Watchers and was quite successful. I stopped classes and you guessed it, the weight and more crept back on. I tried going back but wasn’t getting anything from classes. I knew it all but wasn’t motivated. The knowledge is there but no support network to put into practice. I have tried most diets going including appetite suppressants, which made me Ill. Bushido Fitness is totally different, you are supported from the word go, this makes you give everything to succeed, I couldn’t wait to go to class. I am not saying it was easy as it is far from that, but you train at your own pace with encouragement and support. The meals are sorted, the trainers listen to what we want and tailor the plan to our needs. You don’t think about food one meal to the next constantly working out what you can have. The meals are great and you are full. Food doesn’t take over your life.

What were your fears and concerns prior to joining Bushido Fitness?

I was very self conscious over how I looked. I hated myself and would never look at my reflection so didn’t want anyone else to look at me either. I was worried about the training, could I manage what everyone was doing? How was my body going to cope with this sudden change in lifestyle?

Strangely would I be able to fit the classes around work?

What would people think of a person like me going training in this kind of environment? What will I wear?

What helped you overcome those fears and concerns?

Reassurance from my sister, saying I can take things at my own pace. Asking myself what if I don’t take this chance, where will this leave me?

Getting to know the trainers and members, joining the facebook page, seeing others facing the same issues as me. Not being judged for what I looked like, or being judged by others in class. Having friendly faces no matter what class you attend. The support network is fantastic! Being encouraged to push myself and listening to those who know what they are doing. Seeing progress through monthly photos, getting more confidence in my abilities.

What obstacles did you face along the way to losing weight?
What helped overcome them?

Staying on track and focusing on my weekly treat meal to make sure I don’t hinder progress. Having a balanced lifestyle, ensuring my commitment to attending classes and sticking to the nutrition plan doesn’t hinder me being able to socialise or celebrate special occasions and holidays. You can adapt the plan to fit work around this. 
Having a bad day, this used to always slide to having a bad week, I have learned to forget about the one bad day and focus on the next day getting back on track and feeling good about myself. 
I have had a couple of niggling injuries there is always advice and encouragement on how to deal with these issues, you don’t have to give up. I have been able to attend every single class and still feel accomplished.

How do you feel about yourself now?

In a word, fantastic. This has changed my life. We all hear about making lifestyle changes and it is so true. In the year and 4 months at Bushido I have only ever missed one session and this was due to holidays. I have made great friends. I have now got a competitive streak in me which I have never had. I am able to feel good in what I wear. I feel fit and healthy, I haven’t had an illness during my time at classes.

I am proud of my achievements and won’t be giving it up anytime soon. I have to even bought a full length mirror.

There are many options for someone looking to lose weight. What do you think separates Bushido Fitness from other fitness/weight loss groups?

All round support. If you are lazy and can’t be bothered to work out meals, you don’t have to. It’s all nutritionally balanced, what more could you ask for. The sessions are based around progression over the four weeks, strength and cardio. They are fun and the support is great. Everyone is treated the same, you get out what you put into it. It’s not about spending hours doing gym work, its just 3 hours a week. You will see results, your progress is monitored with pictures, this maybe daunting at first but once you see your progress you look forward to it. All members are lovely from all classes, we compliment and encourage each other all of the time. 
I have paid for other weight loss groups for years this is the most value for money I have ever had.

How have your new fitness and nutrition habits affected your life?

I am confident, fitter more self assured and continue to be motivated to improve even more. I am driven to achieve my goals because I now know I can.

I am more outgoing, I don’t hide away, I go out and enjoy shopping, but maybe not the cost J

I now go to extra classes because I enjoy it so much. I couldnt be without Bushido Fitness.

If you could go back in time and speak to your old self before Bushido Fitness, what advice would you give?

Why are you thinking about it? You can do it, just put your mind to it. Do you want to miss out on another opportunity to improve your life?

how will you feel in another 12 months? Just go, take your time, try your hardest. 100% effort is all you can ask of yourself and if you are doing that then you should be proud of yourself. Give it your best shot, don’t be frightened to ask for support

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