Name Rachael

How did you feel about yourself prior to joining? What made you decide to join Bushido Fitness?

Not very fit/active as what I used to feel.

Basically a friend of mine kept going on about some Bushido Fitness!

I just thought ‘Well I’ve finished Uni, I’m not working a stupid amount of hours anymore – I therefore have no excuses, now’s the time to pull my finger out.”

Had you tried losing weight in the past? What was your experience and how did Bushido Fitness differ?

Nothing serious – I occasionally went to the gym, I used to play a lot of sports when I was younger and my diet was generally ok, so It never really mattered. I only really started putting weight on when I was at Uni as I stopped exercising, and was so focused on work.

I found the gym a little monotonous and I wouldn’t really push myself to the same extent as I would at Bushido. With the exercises being performed at fast pace intervals, you don’t really have much time to think or become bored, you just go all out and then you’re done.

What were your fears and concerns prior to joining Bushido Fitness?

I didn’t really know that much about it or what I was getting myself involved in. I think sometimes I have the tendency to not do something if I over-think things, so for me I’d rather just say yes and think about it later, or I may talk myself out of something good.

That being said I suppose I was just worried about if I could ‘do’ the exercises ok, would I be able to stay the hour. I wasn’t too worried about the diet as I generally like most things.

What helped you overcome those fears and concerns?

By jumping straight in and giving it a go. You can research and look into things to death but you’ll never truly know until you’ve given it ago.

There are of course free taster sessions and pay as you go classes if you’re not sure about whether you can fully commit, but if you’ve got the time (and there is a lot of different times/classes to choose from) I’d recommend doing it for at least a month to get a true idea of what’s going on.

What obstacles did you face along the way to losing weight?
What helped overcome them?

I can’t really think of anything that seriously got in my way.

I like the food options, but I suppose you can create your own too. There’s also a treat meal every Saturday so It’s not as if you’re ‘never’ going to have that takeout or whatever it is you want again. I’ve never really felt that deprived of anything or felt I’ve missed out food wise. 

I still go out with friends for food, I suppose you could say I’m more ‘sensible’ in what food choices I make but I generally find I like healthier foods anyway, It makes exercise a lot easier. 

I couldn’t do all of the exercises to begin with but there’s always alternatives (e.g. if you can’t do a full press up, drop to the knees) but I didn’t really see it as an obstacle as there was always alternatives and it’s something to work towards.

How do you feel about yourself now?

Better, more energetic on the whole!

There are many options for someone looking to lose weight. What do you think separates Bushido Fitness from other fitness/weight loss groups?

As I mentioned previously it gives you that structure/routine that you probably wouldn’t give yourself at the gym.

I find I push myself more so because its generally short bursts, and with everyone else just doing the same thing I think ‘well I best crack on’.

 I haven’t done slimming world or anything like that but you’re not going to find support with exercise and with the diet literally being calorie controlled at Bushido you can’t really go too wrong, or things can be tweaked. 

I’ve tried Crossfit briefly but I’m not really that into competing with other people – yes you exercise with other people at Bushido but the aim/atmosphere certainly isn’t competitive. I think in terms of long-term motivation (or at least for myself) it’s important to set your own goals/pace not work towards what someone else can do or looks like.

How have your new fitness and nutrition habits affected your life?

It sounds silly but I basically see myself as putting petrol in a car – I now put the fancier fuel in, which unfortunately for my car it never sees.

Eating better and exercising will always make you feel better, more confident and happier!

If you could go back in time and speak to your old self before Bushido Fitness, what advice would you give?

Don’t think just do

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