Name Paul

How did you feel about yourself prior to joining? What made you decide to join Bushido Fitness?

I felt overweight, unfit, lethargic and my cholesterol level was quite high.

And to be honest I was drinking a little too much.

I saw some of the before and after photo’s on a flyer pinned to a notice board at work and they really impressed me.

Had you tried losing weight in the past? What was your experience and how did Bushido Fitness differ?

It took me a long time to admit to myself that I was overweight and really unfit, I always thought of myself as quite fit and active it just creeps up on you and I was kidding myself.

I had been in a few gyms in the past but I never really stuck at it. There was no motivation for me.

There is a lot more support with bushido.

What were your fears and concerns prior to joining Bushido Fitness?

My main concern before I joined bushido fitness was not being fit enough to do the classes, I know that might sound crazy after all that’s why I was signing up to do the classes, to get fit.

I was worried that I would not fit in or that I would show myself up.

What helped you overcome those fears and concerns?

When I started the classes the instructors put me at ease right away.

They were very friendly and I knew straight away that I had made the right decision.

What obstacles did you face along the way to losing weight?
What helped overcome them?

Changing the types of food I was eating was quite hard, but when I started seeing the results that made it easier for me.

How do you feel about yourself now?

I feel fantastic, my energy levels are high, I am 50 this month and I never thought I would be running half marathons and doing Tough Mudder events.

There are many options for someone looking to lose weight. What do you think separates Bushido Fitness from other fitness/weight loss groups?

Its a lot better than joining a gym, there is a lot more support, all the instructors are great and I love the variety that we get in the classes.

How have your new fitness and nutrition habits affected your life?

I don’t think I have been as fit as this for probably 20 years, it has changed my whole life, my cholesterol level has gone right down. The doctor was going to put me on statins but he said I don’t need them now.

If you could go back in time and speak to your old self before Bushido Fitness, what advice would you give?

I wish I had started this twenty years ago.

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