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At Bushido Fitness we specialize in working with busy people.
We take regular people with busy lives, responsibilities, careers and families and we show them how to lose weight and keep it off.
Our programme takes people who are currently working hard with little to no results and teaches them how to train less, eat more, enjoy treats such as chocolate….and still lose weight

Ian Archer

“I have long being involved in Sport, exercise and health.
Throughout College and University I was involved in literally hundreds of hours of voluntary coaching in the community.

Working with young, old, male female, able bodied and those with disability in sports ranging from Boxing to Volleyball.

After Graduating from University with my Sport and Exercise Degree I briefly worked at a local Leisure Centre and began working on a more one to one basis with clients as well as taking on more group training in the form of fitness classes.

Following years of study and thousands of pounds invested in my learning and qualifications, myself and Amie began working with people, improving their activity levels, nutrition and physique.

This led to the formation of Bushido Fitness which has allowed us to help hundreds if not thousands of individuals improve their lifestyle and achieve their goals.”

Amie Stevenson

“I’ve always been involved in sport and exercise in some way, though my professional interest in exercise and nutrition only started after becoming a young mum, realising I’d lost my pre-pregnancy physique and having to work hard to get it back.

Shortly afterwards I pursued a Fitness Instructor qualification, loved everything about it and haven’t looked back.
Several courses followed and I began working as a group fitness coach and personal trainer.

I’ve spent the last 5 years working with both men and women who share a similar goal of wanting to improve their physique, health and wellbeing”

Paul Archer

“I have had a strong interest in sport and fitness from a young age and having boxed as both an amateur and now a professional, over the last 12 years I have gained a lot of experience of how to lose weight and how not to do it.
With making weight being a massive part of my own profession I have invested countless hours researching and broadening my knowledge.

Working with numerous coaches and their different techniques I’ve also picked up various methods of effective training techniques. Previously working as a gym instructor gave me the opportunity to work with a range of people with different goals on a more personal level.

As well as my sporting background I have studied for 5 years and have a Foundation Degree in sports coaching.
Using the knowledge I have gained I want to help others achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.



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