Morgan Freeman, The Universe, Wormholes…And Something About Weight Loss

Hey there

I was watching a programme recently

One of those fascinating programmes that I love

It was Morgan Freeman talking about wormholes and the meaning of life

No, not holes in the ground made by worms

Wormholes through time

And the reason that life exists

Pretty deep isn’t it!

I love that stuff


Whilst watching, I was surprised to learn something that affects us all in daily life

Especially if you’re trying to lose weight

It was a study

And it involved speaking to people at the bottom of a hill

Then again at the top

The hill led to a University

And the people climbing it were students heading to lessons

They asked them various questions and assessed the answers

Things like

“What do you hope to achieve today?”


“What are your goals in life?”

What they found was really interesting

Everyone who walked up the hill gave roughly the same difficultly rating

They all found it challenging


The difference came when they were asked how much, or how little, they enjoyed the climb

They found that

The people who focussed more on daily goals

Enjoyed it less

And found it much more laborious than the people who had a goal

The people who had a bigger life goal

A purpose

Found it just as difficult

But they didn’t mind it

They may have even enjoyed the steep incline


Well, to those people

Climbing that hill every day as they headed to their lessons

Represented part of the work needed to achieve their ultimate goal

Whatever that may have been

They felt that climbing the hill was making progress

Rather than being an inconvenience

Interesting isn’t it


What can we all take from that?

Well, when were trying to lose weight

We all face the same challenges

And this study suggests that we all find them difficult

Contrary to what you might think, lean people don’t find it easy

The people who achieve weight loss

And overcome these obstacles

Are more likely to be the people who keep in mind their long term goals

And enjoy the challenges as part of the process

They see the big picture

Instead of seeing a huge unnecessary hill that is a chore to climb

They enjoy the fresh air, the exercise and the view and they feel that walking up that hill takes them closer to their goal

In both cases the obstacle was the same

In weight loss their are many obstacles

Many hills to climb

If you want to achieve anything

I’d suggest keeping in mind a firm grip of your goal

A strong sense that you want to achieve something

Visualise that goal until it almost becomes real

Then embrace all obstacles and challenges as simply hills that take you closer to that goal

So, today

Do one thing

Work out what your goal is

It may be an image of you looking and feeling great, in clothes you love

Or whatever

But visualise it

Take a mental picture

Brighten that picture up, make it as vivid and real as possible

And keep hold of that picture

It won’t make the challenges easier

But it will make them much less painful


Ian Archer
Bushido Fitness

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