I’ve decided on a career change


I just wanted to let you know

I’ve decided to become a builder

I offer very competitive rates, so please

If you or would like an extension built or need any structural work on your home

Drop me an email and I’ll give you a quote

Of course I haven’t become a builder!!

I’m not qualified and I know absolutely nothing about building, brick work or structural design

You’d be an idiot to let me attempt any kind of work on your home

Which brings me to the real subject of this email

Juice Plus

I would never dream of becoming a builder over night or pretending to be an expert

So why then, do I constantly see normal people..

With no background in health and fitness

No qualifications

Selling juice plus and offering advice to customers?!

Now Im not the type of person who has to know what everyone else is doing

I focus on my job and ignore everyone else

I don’t even have any other trainers on my Facebook

So I was quite content to let the Juice Plus gang get on with things

Until yesterday

When I noticed a video posted to a friends Facebook profile

The video was 4 minutes long and consisted of some guy telling me that Juice Plus was great and that Whey Protein was evil

“The manufacturers don’t know or care what they put in it”

All this type of BS

“Juice plus is better because it contains x,y and z”

It was like prodding a tiger with a stick

And I hadn’t had any coffee at this point either

So I hit the roof

Let me clear this up..

And if I have any time left I’ll give my opinion on the business side of Juice Plus

Firstly, any supplement you buy should be bought from a reputable brand

A brand with something to lose

Someone you can trust

That way you know you’re getting a safe product


Whey protein is nothing to be scared of

And if you’re looking for a protein supplement

Then Whey Protein blows Juice Plus out of the water

The guy on the video proudly announced that Juice Plus is made up completely of vegetable protein

No whey at all

Well, if he knew anything about anything

He would know this…

(Courtesy of Alan Aragon)


Or Branched Chain Amino Acids

Are a group of amino acids that cannot be produced by the body

You can only get them from your diet

And since our bodies are essentially made up of protein or amino acids

These help with everything from muscle building to skin and hair health

And the best source of these BCAA’s?

Whey Protein!

Its also the best source of Leucine, but I won’t go into that today

We all have to make a living

So I can tolerate people doing their own thing

Until they start giving people completely false information

Or even lying

Yes lying

Thats where I’ll stop them

You might think its harsh

But is it?

Juice Plus and all things similar

Is basically just pyramid selling

You should always take someones opinion with a pinch of salt when they are trying to sell you something

(Although not too much, you don’t want to exceed your sodium intake)

I’ve been asked numerous times to sell Juice Plus


As you’ve learned

I don’t believe in it

And you only get one reputation

Integrity is important to me

I could make money from it and I have no doubt I could convince people they needed it

But I’d be selling something that I knew my customers didn’t need

I’d be lying

And in this business

In any business actually

You have a duty to the customer

To deliver what they need or want and to not mislead them


To conclude

Whey protein is nothing to be scared of

If you want to supplement with whey protein, give it a go

I don’t care whether you use it or not, or where you buy it from

You can lose weight with or without it

I have no vested interest or ulterior motive

That’s just my advice from studying health and fitness for over a decade

Ian Archer
Bushido Fitness