It Came Out Of Nowhere And Attacked Them!

Had a strange experience recently

Let me tell you about it…

Over the past week or so, every time I’ve walked my dog I’ve seen this beautiful Kestrel, hovering, looking for prey

I’ve gotten a bit attached to it actually…its there every day

Yesterday I got out of the car with George (my dog) and as usual, there was the bird….hunting

Its one relentless bird!

I started walking and midway round my walk I saw what I think was a stoat….two of them actually

They were making a loud squeaking noise

I heard them before I saw them

It looked like they were playing, chasing each other

I stood and watched them for a good few minutes….it was fascinating


“Ohh Shit!”


I actually gasped and jumped

From nowhere the Kestrel came swooping in

I couldn’t tell if it got one of the stoats but it was incredible to watch it happen

Its survival of the fittest out there!

Which…like a bad TV presenter…..loosely brings me round to weight loss

Throughout my time working in the fitness world Iv seen the regulars, Iv seen people start from nothing, love it and keep going….and I’ve seen the people who try it

Give it their best


And never go back

….Which is a shame because the most difficult part is the first step

Fitness doesn’t always have to be “Survival of the fittest”

Its about self improvement


Creating a better version of yourself

I took this experience and tried to apply it to Bushido Fitness.

We created our beginners, introduction programme

We try to educate people

Those nasty aches after your first session shouldn’t make you quit if you understand whats happening to your body

You won’t be disheartened at slow progress if your given proper guidance about whats realistic

You won’t quit when it gets difficult because you’ve got a great support network

And much more

Nature is ruthless

But exercise shouldn’t be

Ian Archer
Bushido Fitness