How did you feel about yourself prior to joining? What made you decide to join Bushido Fitness?

Before joining bushido I went to another gym and worked out every day, but just never seemed to get any leaner, if any thing I got bigger which I hated so I needed to do something about it .

I had heard about Bushido through some of my friends who had joined and they all seamed to get leaner and look fabulous.
I had thought about joining for at least a year, and a wanted results like my friends had.

My dress size was going up and every thing I tried on just looked awful nothing suited me, I stopped buying clothes as the thought of been a size bigger made me unhappy .

So hear I am and loving all the changes .

Had you tried losing weight in the past? What was your experience and how did Bushido Fitness differ?

I attended a gym but I never had a proper diet to follow, I guess I just thought if a work out every day and did two hour sessions that I would loss weight and get lean 🙁

Signing up for Bushido and getting all the information & diet plans was an education for me in which I’ve learned what to eat and stick to the plan . The trainers are really good with motivation and praising us every step , which makes you work harder .

What were your fears and concerns prior to joining Bushido Fitness?

My only concern prior to joining was a had a lot holidays booked, and put off signing up as I thought I was going to be missing a lot of session.

What helped you overcome those fears and concerns?

When joining I found out you can make up session and be able to keep on track .

What obstacles did you face along the way to losing weight?

What helped overcome them?

Changing food habits and battling cravings, also the times I ate, I would finish work at 11pm and get home and have a snack and go to bed, I still get the cravings at night but I think “just get a drink and go to bed” ha.
Also I would feel hungry through the day so I would tell my self you are dehydrated and not hungry and drink plenty of water. Reading the information pack really helps to get through all the cravings.
Being allowed a treat every day helped and looking forward to cheat meal day .

How do you feel about yourself now?

I feel like I’m getting fitter and leaner and back to where I was 3 1/2 year ago, fitting back in to my clothes which makes me feel good , I’ve worked hard and think I’ve earned my new clothes

There are many options for someone looking to lose weight. What do you think separates Bushido Fitness from other fitness/weight loss groups?

The whole package. Diet exercises, motivation , working in a group , trainers, members…

If I’m unable to do some of the exercises because of any injures the trainers will change the exercise

The trainers are there to help you and advise you with exercises and prompt you when not quite doing any exercise right, as you always want get the most out of each session.

How have your new fitness and nutrition habits affected your life?

Eating the right diet and exercising, feeling fitter and happier makes me feel more confident.

And looking back at that before picture (which a hate ) and to now makes me feel so proud .

If you could go back in time and speak to your old self before Bushido Fitness, what advice would you give?

I should have joined a year ago as the changes are great and Bushido works. Just stick to the plan and keep coming to the sessions, which I have done, and I feel much happier and healthier .