Buenos Dias


Have you ever heard of Hernán Cortés?


He was a Spanish Conquistador

Which I’m guessing is Spanish for “Conqueror”

In the year 1519

He and 600 of his men landed on the coast of Mexico

They had around 16 horses and pretty much zero armour as they attempted to conquer Mexico and the Aztec empire

A challenge that others before him

Armies that were far more equipped

Had failed to do

But Hernan had other ideas

He did something crazy

He burned his own boats

(Turns out other people had done this before him, Alexander The Great being one of them, but Hernan Cortes gets the credit for it)

Why on earth would he burn his own boats?!

Well, I’ll tell you

He removed his soldiers’ option of retreat

They could not leave the fight

They either won

Or died

Imagine how much your level of commitment to the fight would improve, when you saw your only means of escape going up in flames

They did win

And the rest, as they say, is history


Why am I telling you this?


a) Because I’m fascinated with this stuff and since you subscribed to my emails, you’ll have to put up with my random historical facts unfortunately


b) Because it could have a huge impact on your own life and the commitment you have to your own goals

Do you really commit 100%?

Do you give it everything and burn your boats?

Or do you “try”

(I hate that word)

But leave your escape route open, just incase things get too tough?

Have a think

The answer could change your life

Ian Archer
Bushido Fitness