Ah Mr Bond, I’ve been expecting you..

Who’s looking forward to the new James Bond film coming out?

Its called “Spectre”

I watched the trailer last week and it looks promising

Apparently some of the script was leaked online

And its about a global corporation who brainwash the rest of the world

Here it is…

“Good evening Mr Bond, I’ve been expecting you..

Can I offer you a drink?

Scotch perhaps?”

Bond: “I’ll have a Ribena….shaken, not stirred”

“Apologies Mr. Bond, but we no longer serve Ribena due to the fight against obesity”

Bond: “Really? Make it a Capri Sun then”

“I do apologise Mr Bond but we don’t sell that either”

Bond: “Why not?”

“Because we must try to fight the rising levels of obesity”

Bond: “Ok, I’ll just have a diet coke and a couple of pork pies”

“Excellent choice Mr Bond, as you wish”

Bond: “Hang on, surely these pork pies have an impact on obesity?”

“I’m not obliged to comment on that Mr Bond”

Bond: “Well, you do know that it’s all about calories in vs calories out, don’t you?!”

“I just work here Mr Bond, I really couldn’t comment..”

Bond: “These pork pies have around 380 calories per 100g, thats much more calorific than the Ribena, which is 41 calories per 100ml”

“I understand Sir, but it’s the sugar content, everyone knows sugar causes weight gain”

Bond: “Oh really? that’s not what my sources have discovered in the lab”

Bond: “In fact, I have very good intel that you could drink a glass of Ribena every single day, and still lose weight and be healthy..”

“Mr Bond, please keep your voice down!”

Bond: “I’m going to blow the lid off this little charade.
Im going to make sure the whole world knows that, whilst too much sugar is bad.
In moderation any food is fine. And banning one single food or drink is futile”

“You’ll pay for this Bond!”

The names Archer..
Ian Archer
Bushido Fitness


Those of you with a keen eye might have worked out that this wasn’t a real scene form the new Bond film

Well, lets just say I’d be very surprised if it was!

But this is exactly what Tesco have done

Stopped selling Ribena and Capri Sun

While I think it could actually help obesity

It has to be all or nothing to have a real effect

How would not selling Ribena help when you still sell tonnes of other calorific junk food?

No single food or drink is the deciding factor when it comes to obesity

Its all about what you do on a consistent basis


People will always get hold of it if they want it bad enough

For long term results it always has to be about education

Learning how to enjoy the foods you love

And still lose weight

Just like we teach our members